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Hunting With Frenzied Ostard Packs
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Hunting With Frenzied Ostard Packs
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So you got that pack all trained up and now you want to go take em for a hunting trip?......
Here are some tips and strategies used by members of OSY in their own words! The screenshots are from the author as well unless noted.

Our first article is by Nature'sGift who has been very successful with his pack at champ spawns.  Dec. 1, 2002

"My question is if they get polymorphed........."
"..............into rats!"

Champ Hunting With Frenzies In Despise (by Nature'sGift of OSY)

Well its really not a tuff situation if ya dont mind the odd Idiot callin ya
a trammie for having frenzieds to kill champ.Well to you people that think
Frenzies are a bad idea all i got to say is try and you wont talk your dumb
shit no more.I just started champ spawns on this shard my first 2 champ hunts
i made 7 scrolls total 2 were boss scrolls and rest were plus 5's also got
one skull of greed.Now most people at these champ spawns are lucky to get a plus 5
so i figure the frenzies work well.Just a few things ya got to Know about despise.
1.Pks arent as tuff as ya think with 5 frenzies chewing on there lag so when ya see
them dont run back to tram with your tail between your legs just give that command
so your Stards tear him a new #$%#.. >:)
2.Hunt Freely well the slimes then the normal rats and dires come out but when the
rat mages start to spawn get to the island people lure them all over ya if you stay
outside the island and you just dont need to have any dead stards for when that
boss spawns.
3.Now this is why every one thinks its nuts to take  frenzie pack there 3rd part of
the spawn is them nasty Silver Serpents and Rat archers.Well good reason to think its
nuts but theres ways around them stand on a skull on the platform not the middle one
or you well have everyone bitchin cause your on the main platform just one of the red
candals then keep your Stards CLOSE! just keep tellin them to follow so they dont
scatter let others die from the silver serps might not sound nice but hey if they die
gives you better chances for them scrolls.
4.Boss Spawn well thats easy enough just say all kill and watch for a scroll but try and
keep close to the boss cause 90% of the time the boss's corpse well be grey to you wich means
lootable and skull of greed can be nice to get as well as vanqs some times.
5.Oh you thought it was all done.No this is the fun part watch for greys  and cast eq so ya
can find some of your own you can kill a grey person with the ease of saying all kill
and when ya kill them loot away might be were you pick up a plus 25 stats or magery scroll who knows.
Well Thats all i seem to do for the Despise champ hunts ill try some other spawns see how frenzies
make out if it works out mabe ill be tellin ya about all the fun in deciet or somethin.
P.S May all your travels bring you death for death is the only way we lunatics learn!