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Spawn Map Explanation
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"So what the hell do I do with this damn map now that I spent a large portion of my alloted lifespan waiting for it to finish downloading?"

Crap, I am sick of getting ganked while mining....
Maybe this guy will help discourage attackers........

Glad you asked. Well. You can go about getting information about it by reading below or you can download the "read me" file. I suggest you download it because it has some information that you may wish to refer to as you follow the routes on the map. If you wish to submit information to me about the map or related information contact me at: 

I can also be reached via ICQ.

My ICQ # is 37070908.

Download the "Read Me" (Basically this whole page)

Hail all!

I am Conrad of Pacific and I would like to say I am glad your reading this. It will make the map that much more useful. That being said, lets get down to business, shall we?

Techy Stuff

Not much. I usually don't do this kinda stuff. I used Photoshop3 for the map and graphics and used Photoshop BE to make the groovy little Ostards on the map( the one on the left being my work and the one on the right cut/paste work from uo client files). It is in simple JPG. format. It is big. I coulda compressed the snot out of it but I didn't want to lose any clarity.


Lots of stuff about Ostards

More stuff about Ostards

Some of the finer points regarding Ostards

Notes on Map(the juicy stuff)

Well then. You wanna know about the map. We'll get to that. The real question is why do you NEED the map? Because you want ostards! Doesn't really matter which kind. This works for all of them, Forests and Frenzieds alike.

Now I am sure you have all been out there wandering for days on end looking for just that right shade of blue or that 166 Str. Frenzied Ostard. It happens to the best of us. Ever feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack that nobody dropped a needle into? I feel for you folks. I truely do.

Lots of stuff about Ostards

First off. As far as Frenzied Ostard spawn goes, it is EXACTLY the same as FOREST ostard spawn. The one exception that comes to mind is Ilshenar. Forests spawn there. I have yet to see a Frenzied there. So if you happen to like Forest Ostards(or have not yet reached legal age to ride a Frenzied), feel cheered my friend. For, where ever one finds Frenzied Ostards, one finds Forest Ostards. ?:D


Lets start with spawn basics. The server keeping track of the game is constantly looking to see if the proper amount of critters are where they should be. No? Not enough? It makes more. Simple as that. Keeps doing it until it has made enough to fulfill its obligations to Origin Systems. Thus, if an Ostard LEAVES the server(for the purposes of sanity, I shall henceforth be referring to THE LOST LANDS(aka T2A) as "the server" since for the most part, it is a server unto itself. Shares hardware with the dungeon servers.) it will be replaced by another creature that is supposed to be there.

Now a large portion of the server(refer to last tangent) has Ostard spawn on it. A VERY large portion. Sooooo, the server doesn't have to replace that many since there isn't really a whole hell of alot of people out there. The same damn ostards are out there walking around day after day. And for the most part they are going to be weak ones that nobody wanted.


Leaving behind weak Ostards (or ugly ones for that matter) is not only doing you a disservice but a disservice to other tamers as well. The GOOD ONES WILL NOT SPAWN UNTIL THE WEAK ONES ARE DEAD! Unless you are a RolePlayer (pretend you are maintaining the bloodline of an ancient line of regal beast by culling the weak from the gene pool) or simply lazy, there is no reason to leave ostards in your wake. Living ones that is. Dead ones are fine. They let other people know that there is something stronger than a Frenzied ostard nearby. Keeps them newbies on their toes.

More stuff about Ostards

More on the spawn. Concerning colors, statistics and skills, they are COMPLETELY random. Location, whether it is in jungle or forest, or any other superstitions you may have heard have nothing to do with it. The server just drops a random creature of a certain type because it noticed there were not enough. It doesn't care if is deep red and has 168 str. Totally random folks.

Frequency and DENSITY of spawn is what is important. The more you have to shop through, the more chance you have of finding what you were shopping for. Thus I set out to figure out the fastest way to find as many as possible in as little time as possible.

Basically what I did was set aside 2 days to spend an 8 hour stretch each day doing nothing but roaming the lost lands. Everytime I killed(or tamed......found a 165 Str. one while doing this) an Ostard I dropped a UOAM Marker. After 16 hours of doing this a definate "range" showed itself when looking at all the markers dropped and the way they were grouped. There are basically 3 Spawns. A little one. A fair sized one. And MONSTROUS one. There are many ostards outside the areas I am talking about but so few in numbers as to make even going there to look hardly worth the effort.

What this map does is gives you an idea of "hot spots" but also gives you an idea of where to go so as not to waste time in simply going from point A to point B. Sure. Thats the whole idea to hunting them. Cover ground. Yes. But not the same ground twice. Waste of time. What I did was I planned out runes and routes to make the densest areas of spawn accessible with not too much wasted time between locations. First step is to mark the runes I have marked on the map. A stable rune helps somewhat as well. ?:D

It is quite simple folks. Make sure you have "approaching names" turned on so that you catch the names of Ossies off screen. Turn off the music and TV. Turn up your PC volume. You want to be able to HEAR them as well. Many times I have heard their shrieking rattle well before I have seen their name, or them for that matter.

Recall to the first location( makes NO difference which, unless you are superstitious, then watch out for the desert spawn...its creepy up there) and start following the route on the map. If you look close at the map, you see that I actually hug cliffs as I run. Reason for that is, "approaching names" can see approx. 30% farther then you can and allows you to cover more area. Use it to your advantage.

Now simply follow the route and look for Ostards. Tame em or Maim em. Up to you. When you get to the end of the route, recall to the next rune. I try to cycle through all 4 so as to give em time to respawn(yes, not that hard to clear out the smaller spawns). While your out there, lead all them Lizardmen over to that (tame) ostard that someone "forgot" to release. If they kill it, great. If not, the ostard will be partially trained for someone. Ain't that neato how that works out?

If you are an adventurous sort(or simply bored out of your head), do not forget the areas in the south east of the lost lands. I did not see many but they are there.

Some of the finer points regarding Ostards

They hurt. Alot. I have died from just a couple seconds of lag.

There is no need whatsoever to para tame a Frenzied. Just beat it up until it is down to about 15% Life and suddenly they walk slower then a slime. I bring one of my own frenzieds and have it kill the weaker spawn. Might as well. They gain skills nicely from it.

Lore every single one! I have even got to the point of using lore on Forest ostards because I am amazed that I find ones with higher str then a decent frenzied.

The best time of day to run the routes seems to be right after server up. I think the server does a forced respawn to maximum. Not sure. Less people to compete with to say the least.

All my testing was done in Trammel as the spawn in Felucca is totally dead.

I have yet to find a location that spawned Ostards that didn't also spawn Headless and Mongbats.

A full stamina Frenzied can run all four routes without becoming fatigued including the time it takes for it to kill all the ostards you may find. I tried it on an ethereal and it crapped out before I was done with the 2 big spawns.

The "Oasis"(grassy area west of the Desert River) has a couple of Frenzieds spawn at it but they are such a pain to get to tame, let alone lore, I don't.

Notes on Map

1. Desert River.

This is an interesting spawn and quite unique. It is the only spawn that has ONE Frenzied and ONE Forest ostard as the entirety of its spawn. But the nice thing is that 5 mins after the last ones corpse decays, you can go back and check out the next one. Desert Ostards spawn on the north bank of the river and at both ends of the grassy area.

Occasionally the ostards will spawn SLIGHTLY out of their normal spawn range. If they do it to the north, no problem. You simply go around the river or teleport across amd deal with it. If they spawn too far south though, the spawn is dead for awhile. Or you are slightly deranged and dont't mind running the gauntlet of the 30-100 Ophidians that the frenzied just spawned in the middle of. They will sometimes spawn on the wrong side of the mountian and spawn in the ophidian temple.

I have also recalled to this location( The spawn location..not the temple) and landed right in the middle of about 30 ophidians that someone had led over there. Careful and be ready to move. Usually the spawn here is Mongbats, Headless and the occasional Stone harpy or Gargoyle. Across the river is a little heavier with mummies and lots of pesky critters to contend with. Lesser known location.

2. The Jungle .

The landing area for this rune can be hazardous as well. It is not too far from the Terathan Keep and sometimes people running for their soon-to-be-terminated lives will lead a pack of irritated Ophidians over here. Same as last act. Be prepared to run on impact.

Head north to the bridge. This is a nice location as the bridge provides some defensive structure for taming ostards and TOADS! GIANT ONES! Good taming gains. There always seems to be a couple hopping around the bridge. The rest of the route is pretty quiet interrupted by the expected Lizardman encampments popping up like so many weeds. Very popular location.

3. Delucia.

Nice town. The Inn is kinda spooky but the bank sure is handy! As far as I know, it is the only town that you can stable and retrieve pets while banking at the same time. In Skara Brae you can sometimes, I think, if the npc stablemasters wandered close enough to the bank. You can actually mark IN the roof of the little grass mage hut in Delucia and bank and stable while on the little roof.

4. Grand Central.

The first time I found this spot, I died. I clearly saw a frenzied ostard on the road ahead of me and heard him as well. While winding up for a strikeout Corp Por(after loring his wimpy 120-something Str), his FOUR buddies jumped out of the bushes and disembowled me before I could convince my mount that it was time to be somewhere else. Yup. You heard me. There were FIVE of them on ONE screen right at this intersection. and 4 were under the cover of the trees and silly me didn't even think of hitting "all names". And I only heard one make noise. Made me feel like I was on some remote island that Steven Speilberg owned. Downright spooky.

Good place to find a few ostards if you are expecting them. They might be expecting you though.

Just West of this intersection is a bridge and clearing. Always check this spot. For some reason my 3 highest Str. Frenzieds all came from this clearing.

5. Barrier Cliffs.

Pretty much the same as Grand Central. Dont bother heading North from here. Unless someone lead them there, there isn't an ostard north of here until you hit the desert on the far side of Papua. One odd thing occured here for me. I once found 3 Identical Ostards here. All here at the same time. Same color. Same Str.(134). Same Dex 110. And all 3 had 68.8 Resist. I was going to take a screenshot but they didn't want their pictures taken and let me know it by trying to eviserate me and my mount.

6. Another hotspot.

This place used to be my favorite hunting location. I still come through here on my route but it just isn't the same anymore. I used to have one waiting here for me when I recalled in. I think the apparent decline in ostards here is understandable and to be expexted. It is simply more players looking for frenzieds. I see alot of other players that seem to hug the southernmost regions of the lost lands. If the influx of players slows down, this spot might be a good one to take a closer look at.

AS far as other dangers go, they are there. Most of the eastern side of the southern woods has spawn including harpies, orcs, ettins, trolls, gazers, reapers and the occasional swamp escapee Silver Serpent. But if you can't handle the heat of a Frenzied Ostard bearing down on you, you shouldn't be out there anyways.


Conrad of Pacific, Guildmaster of United Raptor Owners (OSY)

"Hey Kid, you don't wanna pull his tail.................."