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Training Frenzied Ostards
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Training Frenzied Ostards
Training Resist on Frenzied Ostards
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"Whoopee! I trained my first Frenzied!"

Notice this fresh tame is beat to a pulp......
A sound thrashing lets them know who is boss..........

So now you want to start training it, no? Well I will do my best to get you started on the right track.
All pretenses aside, lets get started. There are a couple things you need to consider. When I start training my frenzieds I usually pit them against each other for awhile. It is alot easier to keep track of two ostards standing at the bank then chasing them around a dungeon. Even more important is whether or not you intend on keeping the beast once it is trained. If so, I highly suggest you let it bond to you before training commences unless you plan on being careful. The easiest way to train with little risk of dirtnapping ostards is to have them fight each other. For those of you that haven't figured this out yet, you need two ostards to do this. Time to go tame another one. ?:D

This tends to annoy some people at the bank.......
The peacemaking Bards will soon let you know.....

One other issue with training against your own ostards is flagging. If you plan on doing this in Felluca, no problem. In Trammel, you need to be guilded.
Bring up both lifebars and give them both the "all guard me" command followed by "all stay"(this effectively allows them to attack each other as they now both see each other as "guildmates"). I simply Shift-LeftClick one of them to bring up the "context" gump then give it the attack command then target his fellow sparring partner. Let em go at it for as long as they gain at a decent rate. I usually let them go at it until they both reach approx. 75 Anatomy. This is also a fantastic way to raise your veterinary skill. You do not have to do this at the bank! Take em out for a nice cruise on the high seas of Britannia! A little 8x8 goes along way on your skills! 
Once you are satisfied with the gains they received from sparring each other, you can move on to real hunting. Loss of connection is inevitable. I HIGHLY suggest you let them bond to you before continuing their training!
A lot of grief can be avoided by following this simple advice.  

Frenzieds go through Earth Eles like a rototiller.
A bag of sending keeps things moving.........

The next step is to take them out and start making some gold while building your frenzieds skills. 1st level Shame is probably the easiest way to get Wrestling, Tactics and Anatomy into the 90's. If you have more then one ostard with similar skill levels, then by all means bring them all out to hunt together. The problem with having one ostard stronger and faster then the others is that he will receive most of the skill gains. Personally I like to bring them to Shame one at a time. Easier to track gains and less likely to accidentally having one die on me setting it back hours of training. Just bring plenty of bandages and stick close to your ostard. If things get a little to heavy, call your ostard to you, slap a bandage on it THEN GET ON IT. There is no shame in running to save the life (and lots of training!) of your devoted ostard. Several hours will get your pet from the low 80's to the low 90's. It is then time to start taking risks to get gains.

"I wonder if my Ostards tongues are sticking....."
" that damn thing" *cringes*

Without a doubt, without question, the hands-down winner of the "I'll get ya to GM!" award is the Arctic Ogre Lord. Combat gains against this guy are simply amazing.We are fortunate enough to discover that he does not have proximity cold damage, unlike most of the other annoying critters in the Ice Dungeon. What this little blessing does for us is to allow us to distract the Ogre Lord with bladespirits so our ostard does not have to deal with the SERIOUSLY painful melee hits this bruiser dishes out. You can quite easily GM all your ostards combat skills on the Arctic Ogre Lord. Be careful here. It is easy to set yourself back hours if not days.

" What the.....? A Terathan? Why is he black?"

*My training regimen gets blown out of the water*
The other day Gwynneth took me out to show me how she has been training her ostards. Seems her and Nature'sgift have been bringing their Frenzieds to the Solen infiltrator spawn outside of the Wind dungeon entrance. When she brought me I had Desolation with me. He was about 90 in both wrestling and tactics. Within an hour he was 99 and 98 respectively. This is by far the best place to train a solo Frenzied Ostard. All the combat skills gain at incredible rates with skills in the 75+ range as the infiltrators have 90-92 in each combat skill.
You basically take them on one at a time. You can take on more if you feel confident. Three of them gets pretty hectic. It is best to lead one away and just bash away with your ostard. They have a tendency to run FAST when low on health but fortunately they are not target switchers. These guys have now knocked ol' Arctic Ogre Lord from his throne for getting your Frenzieds to GM combat skills!

That leaves us with Magic Resist. Turn the page if you must.

Training Resist on Frenzied Ostards

All screenshots taken with UOScreenshot Utility