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"Dammit girls! Get moving!"
"I told you they don't like water dude"

Howdy folks! (Nov. 3, 2005)
This is the first time in ages (since last post on this page) that I have actually checked on the amount of hits my page was getting. Actually, I was mildly surprised the site still EXISTED at all. I haven't updated it, or even VIEWED it in well over a year. I suppose it still exists due to the fact that people are still using it, not so much as myself updating it. I guess Tripod doesn't delete sites that are still getting plenty of hits. If you can believe it, this site has had 188 viewers this month and it is only the 3rd of the month.
I was considering deleting the site but after seeing how many people are still using it, combined with the fact it costs me NOTHING, I have decided to leave it as it stands.
It pleases me to no end to find out that it is still used regularly.
I personally do not play Ultima Online anymore. I moved onto World of Warcraft, found the graphics stunning but the content minimal. I am now playing Everquest2 on the Steamfont server as "Britches", a Priest/Craftsman. The graphics are pretty good and the content is the best of all the 3D MMPORGs that I have tried.
That being said, do not expect more additional information to be added to this site. On the other hand, if people that are playing UO still, have something they would like to see posted on this site, feel free to email me at and I will see what I can do about posting it.
Thanks for your support and happy hunting!

It IS official..........5/06/2003
      OSY is now disbanded as far as the guild goes. I am going to keep the stone in "transportation" mode (for several reasons) so you will have to manually leave the guild by "renouncing" your guild status.
       I did NOT want to do this but I received ZERO replies from any members that wished to take the reins. Feel free to ICQ me at 37070908.

Time for a longggg overdue update.......   April 18, 2003
      Things in my real life have kept me from playing as much as I would have liked. I am sure some of you think I dropped dead . Not the case I assure you. I simply don't have the time to dedicate to UO that I once had. Basically I am going back to school to take courses in PC maintainence. I am already good at it and have never taken a course so it makes logical sense to pursue such a career. And more importantly, I LIKE fixing PCs.
     Anyways, I feel like I left all you guildmembers kinda hanging. It was NOT my intention. What it boils down to is I feel that I no longer have the time to actively run a guild. I really enjoy playing with you all and don't want to flush OSY down the tubes. What I am hoping for is someone else to take the reins. If any of you members want to take the responsibilities of a Guildmaster I would be glad to hand the guild off to another member. I would hate to see OSY crumble into obscurity. If nobody in the guild wants this responsibility I will simple disband the guild.
      If you want to take the reins please ICQ me. I WILL be playing some each week but don't expect me to be on as much as I was when OSY was created. I would prefer to be a member then GM. Again........sorry for dropping off the face of the planet on all you folks but real life takes "first at bat" no matter how I look at it. Please ICQ me at 37070908 if you are interested. If I get no replies within 2 weeks I will disband OSY. The new GM will be given access to this website for such purposes as adding news and such. I look forward to hearing from you.
     Well met and may your GM queues be short!

"A funny thing happened on the way to the new guildhouse............"   3/9/2003
I designed the new guildhouse to be open and airy. It had a distinctly  dangerous drawback. I recalled there and was chased through the house by a Sand Vortex that moved so fast I couldn't ban it. It killed me well and dead. On the SECOND floor. Apparently they can use teleporters just like players. Followed me right through the teleporters.
Anyways, I need to change things a bit to make going to the stone safer. Still working on it. Regardless, the stone is there and accesible. Just be ready to run AWAY from the guildhouse when ya use the rune I placed in the old guildhouse. The NEW house is a deathtrap at the moment. Do NOT run inside for cover. Tain't any. I WILL fix it. I'll post again when I got it fixed.

ACK!...........January 31. 2003
Sorry I been away so long. Real life comes first! Anyways........I wanted to suggest something to all you OSY members. I want to propose a combined guild meeting and swap meet once a week. What I want is some feedback on the best day and time to hold it. If you have a preference please ICQ me with your opinion. I was thinking Wed. of each week. 7pm PST. First would be a meeting at the guild stone then a PUBLIC swapmeet at the delucia trammel bank a half hour later. Let me know what ya think folks. ICQ me at 37070908.

Happy Holidays!  Dec. 28, 2002
I hope you all had a merry Christmas. I did. In the last 2 weeks I have only logged into get my holiday gifts. Got an Exodus's Lair globe first try. I hope they are worth what they were last year. I also pre-ordered 4 copies of AOS to get the ingame goodies. Now I just wait 2 months to see them. ?:D
I still have a family member visiting so I dont expect to be on full time but will be ingame SOME for a week or so. Q me if ya like.
And may your New Year be a good one. Peace.

"Where the hell is he?..........." Dec. 17, 2002
Sorry I haven't updated this site or been online much lately. Started a new job recently and its taking up alot of my time. Also with the holidays coming (my family is coming to visit for 2 weeks.....) I dont expect to be on much until around New Year's. I'll still be checking the forums and ICQ regardless of whether or not I have time to actually play, so if you need to contact me, you still can.
What little time I could login recently was spent on testing resist gains in more depth. I have found out some interesting things. Hop on over to the resist gains section and take a look. Its still an ongoing experiment so check it out as I update it.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS and may your GM queues be short!!

Funny thing happened after the swap meet.......Dec. 3, 2002
After the swap meet some of the guild was hanging out talking when someone pointed out to me that the ostard that Gustav the Pathetic basically stole from us was all alone at the other end of the bank. I wandered over and took a look. Head on over to the Screenshots second page for a look at what happened after that...........?:D

Swap Meet News!  Dec. 3, 2002
Considering it was the first time OSY has sponsored a swap meet, it turned out fairly well. I counted 11 people that showed specifcally to trade ostards. Some people ended up finding what they were looking for and others were a little disappointed. I traded off my 166 lavender and a 164 gold for a red 164 and a good dark brown. It seems the hot commodity (but sorely lacking in attendence) was Charcoal/Black frenzieds. Seems everyone was looking for them. If and when OSY does another swap meet, I will try to make sure some are on hand. Heres an "all names" for you. ?:D


OSY Sponsored Frenzied Swap meet!  Nov.29, 2002
Conrad's United Raptor Owners (OSY) is sponsoring a Frenzied Ostard swap meet on the Pacific shard!
    This Monday night at 8pm PST at the Delucia bank on Trammel, all Frenzied Ostard fanciers will be able to trade, buy or give away their ostards. Many people have high strength ostards but in the wrong colors. Some people simply don't care about color. Come trade that 166 bronze for that 165 blue you have been looking for! There is no charge and the more people that show up.....the more likely you are to find what you are looking for!.
    Please keep in mind that all transfers will negate bonding. You will have to wait the required week before bonding again. But considering it can take months to find a good 165 or 166 Str. Frenzied, it may be worth it!
    The Delucia bank is both a stable and a bank so as to facilitate trades and sales. All you need to do is show up! Hope to see you there!


Great News!  Nov. 26, 2002
As of this afternoon this site will now have 5 times as much bandwidth available to it. I also increased my webspace. Basically what it boils down to is no more downtime and more images and content! If you folks have some screenshots you would like posted email them to me and I'll take a look at them. I am also looking into some other features I am considering adding to the site. I'll let ya know as things progress!

"Gwwyn discovers the "clone bug"...."
"......and Gustav the Pathetic doesn't........"

Semi-useless UO Tip!   Nov. 26, 2002
While at the Delucia bank today Gwynneth, Cynne, myself and others were blessed with the presence of Gustav the Pathetic once again. His mindless drivel was annoying and since I was on a roll, seeing as how I had just put Shynn on "ignore", I decided to do the same to with Gustav. But then a curious thing happened. I accidentally hit my "all names" macro. The result was an indication of how hard I was trying to ignore him. As you can see, I was doing a dandy job. His name doesn't even show to me. All I have to do now is get rid of them pesky graphics!

"Hey..anyone know if UOE removes player graphics?"
" I got this damn graphics glitch I need to remove"

(Correction: At the time of writing the following news I was under the faulty impression that the forum that the "death-match" thread was on, was a Great Lakes OSY forum. I was not aware it was PRC's Forum. I apologize for any confusion. Conrad)

An apparent misunderstanding........Nov. 25, 2002
It seems there has been a misunderstanding on the part of others regarding this site and another UO Guild site ( ). Gwynneth located a website( after she pointed out some rather derogatory posts on the forum to me) that shed some light on the situation. After understanding what was going on I felt compelled to shed some light on the situation. I did so by sending an Email to the webmaster of the site in question. I hope this clears things up for anyone that may have been under the wrong impression about my guild or my site. Here is an exact copy of what I sent him...........
    I am Conrad, GM of OSY on the Pacific shard. A guildmember just directed me to your site. I had never heard of your guild or your website until now. I see that you have been to my site so I imagine you have some understanding of our guild. There does seem to me to be some points that may need clarifying though.
    Until now I had no idea your guild existed (in hindsight, I probably should have done a guild search on before hand).
    A while back I asked peoples opinion on "To-the-Death" frenzied matches. I got very little response. The subject has never been brought up by our guild again. We have never conducted any such matches nor do we have any planned in the future. Nor do we have any "stand" on the issue.
    On another note, it seems some of a thread found on your forum spilled over to my forum. It appears that two rather rude characters mistook my forum for yours. They were swiftly countered by myself and Lessa Foxsong of GRC.
    I would also like to let you know OSY of Pacific really has no "Rules of Conduct" so to speak. However, anyone that didn't demonstrate a reasonable amount of respect for others, themselves and their pets would not last long in our guild. I myself (and I speak only for myself) will NOT, on the other hand, allow rudeness to myself or fellow guildmates go unresponded to. That is just who I am. B^R of Pacific is a good example. I was quite candid and honest about my guild's encounters and reactions to this guild. The front page of my site is where I chose to respond.
    If you could, I would appreciate if you might mention this information to the the viewers of your site. I feel it would clear up a few things up for all concerned.
     Again, I feel obligated to mention that I had no intention of "copying" your guild. I was totally unaware of the fact it existed. I apologize for any inconvienience my choice in a guild abbreviation may have caused you and your guild. Given the amount of time we have been using the abbreviation, and the fact it is made clear to others that we are not affiliated with yours or any other guild(and I make no predictions for the future), I see no reason for either of us to change our respective abbreviations.
That being said, I wish you peace and short GM queues.
                                        Conrad of Pacific(Whirling Claws(OSY))
P.S. Although I felt mighty compelled to do so, I declined to add to the thread on your forum. I felt it would only confuse the situation. Your announcing the facts on this issue to your viewers sounded a much more reasonable route to take.
Take it at face value, folks.

A Thanks!  Nov. 19, 2002
On the 15th of this month the Stratics Network announced this site in their community news section of UOStratics. It was a really good review and wish to thank Joshua Rowan for the link to this site! He also put me in touch with someone that may be able to help me with this website( ?:D ). I can certainly use help.
One drawback of the announcement was the HUGE amount of hits in a small amount of time. Basically my bandwidth usage was gobbled up like Frenzieds on a sickly mongbat. The end result was most people trying to view the site got the "you have been derailed by technology again..." message. I checked this evening and was able to get into the site fine. Things seems to have slowed to the point it isn't getting nuked anymore. Still, I must do something about that.
Anyways, Thanks again to the staff at Stratics! and may your GM calls be answered swiftly!

"Ok,who needs go to the bathroom before the hunt?"
"Good thing I brought extra bandages......."

Nov. 14. 2002
As I suspected, it seems the entire guild of B^R have pretty much the same mentality as Gustav the Pathetic. His guildmaster himself decides to deride me by calling me a "newb" and calling me to Felluca for a duel. Sound familiar? I didn't bother as I think this site is a MUCH better forum to air our differences. They may use the forum as well as us. I will NEVER censor the forum. They may use it as well. They can use it as a forum as well to air their explanation of why Gustav the Pathetic acted as he did. I offer the chance for them to do so. Feel free B^R. You now have the chair. I have offered for you to defend yourself. If you wish to...........the forum is on the left. HAVE to click the link before you can start typing..............

"Damn Dude! Thses things are UGLY in 3D!"
"Which? The golems or the paperdolls?"

Nov. 13,2002
I hate to say it folks but OSY now has a few rules. I REALLY didn't want to do this but a couple of occurances led to the decision. The first occurance was a player named Gustav that asked to join the guild. After being on my ICQ for over a week, he was added to the stone. A couple members then set out helping him to locate some ostards to fill out his pack, including myself. After about 10 mins. I got lucky and found him a bronze colored 163 Str. Frenzied. After transferring it to him and recalling out to look for more. I found a much weaker one and brought it to the Delucia Bank to give it to him. Upon getting back it turns out he had dropped from the guild and was gating out with his previous guilds guildmaster.
He basically joined the guild to get a free ostard. Pretty damned pathetic if you ask me. To damn lazy to go out get one himself. I hope he feels proud of himself. I would have MUCH rather another member got that ostard as it was a rather nice one.I later contacted him at the bank and gave him the chance to make things right by returning the ostard. He laughed and recalled away. Guilty as hell in my book. I personally have never met any of the other members of his guild(B^R) and cannot speak for them. Because of this incident I highly suggest you do not trust him or anyone in his guild! Gustav the Pathetic has been added to my personal sh_t list. Feel free to deal with him in any fashion you feel his actions merit. He is only a 1x GM(animal lore) so he shouldn't be a challenge in combat if you wish to make his ill-gained frenzied and him smears in the road. Yeah, being vindictive as hell but oh well. Makes ME feel better. ?:D
Not more then 20 minutes later a player by the name of Chantel tried to join the guild under false pretenses as well, but balked when I informed this person we had a waiting period to be added to the stone.
Right after this last occurance Gwynneth called a meeting seeing as we had a majority of the guild present. We all decided and agreed to her proposals.  
That being said, we DO now have a waiting period. One week. The only exception to this is a personal reference from a member in good standing. And that member is responsible for the candidate. So choose wisely.
The other decision that was made was that no member will friend or co-owner another member to their houses. I never do and it is only common sense. I hope no members take this personally as it is NOT meant to be. It was decided that it protects members from LOSERS like Gustav the Pathetic and Chantel and was in the best interest of all members. Please contact me directly if you have any concerns regarding these decisions. As I said, I do NOT like rules but they were required by the actions of others.

"...after the sedation wears off, our ostard is.."
"well armored. Anyone got some heal regs?"

Here are a few links that might be of interest to you all......If you have never been to Reena Dae's Taming Archive, I suggest you make it your next stop on the web after here. It is by far the best taming website I have found yet. I use it daily.