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Conrad's United Raptor Owners
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Screenshots and Stories
Screenshots and Stories Cont.

"After training for months on pumpkins....."
" the packs were quite sick of the color orange....."

Our first screenhots!
An Adventure In Ilshenar
A Friend of mine, Cynne, asked me the other day if I knew of a good place to tame Hellcats. She had decided she wanted to put together a pack of them to zorch the denizens of the land with. "Sure!" says I. My son had been taming them in the Blood dungeon in south east Ilshenar. I watched him do it once so I had an idea of how he did it. We decided to take a look and get her some idea of what was involved. I also wanted to get some screenshots for this page. As we were leaving I called up a good friend, Black Stagg, and invited him along. We also ran into Drazhar, a fellow guildmember, and dragged him along as well.  I decided to take them to my favorite spot in UO while we were in Ilshenar. Turned out to be quite an adventure. Well. At least for Cynne. ?:D
The place I am referring to is the Blue Marble Temple half way down to the bottom of Terort Skitas. Pretty much the hardest dungeon in the game. Well. For some. Can't remember how many times I have dirtnapped in the presence of Deamons and Slayers in that place. Anyways, on the 2nd level is a set of stairs. The ones going south lead to an outdoor temple with NO spawn. You can logout there even. Totally safe. And in my opinion, one of the prettiest sites in UO. It makes ya wonder which developer designed it and WHY. Take a look........... 
"Defending our Frenzieds from an unseen foe"
*actually, pretending to be idiots for the camera*
"Neato waterfall in the middle of the temple"
*wondering who is going to slip and fall in*

The temple has several levels with stairs and "magical crystals" in various locations that teleport you to other portions of the blue marble temple. There are many rooms ranging from a laboratory to a church of some sort. But my very favorite spot is a little grassy lawn area just to the south of the temple. It seems like the most remote location on the shard. I have yet to see anyone but the people I am with at that place. It is kind of amazing that someone at OSI bothered to go through this much effort to add this place. Maybe it will be part of a scenario some day. Heres a couple shots........ 

"nice place for a wedding!"
"Too bad everyone will die trying get to the reception!"
"Bloody hell.....I forgot the film for the camera"
"Somebody run back to town and get some"

Screenshots and Stories Cont.

All screenshots posted by Conrad produced with UOScreenshot Utility