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Conrad's United Raptor Owners
An introduction to OSY and Myself
An introduction to OSY and Myself
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Who are these guys?...

Greetings all!

I am Conrad, Guildmaster of United Raptor Owners(OSY). I have been playing UO since early 1998 and have tried pretty much every skill in the game (with the exception of taste ID). But by far the most interesting to me was and is Taming. I have pretty much played Pacific exclusively except for about 6 months I played Oceania as well and have one character on Seige.

This site serves two functions. It is the guildpage for OSY and also a place for me to make available to the public a map I created. The map was simply too large to keep sending to people via ICQ. I also created a "read me" file that explains alot about the map and a few other things.

As this site is brand new(not to mention the fact that it is my first attempt at one), please excuse the obvious lack of web design experience. Hopefully it will improve as time goes by. Feel free to contact me with suggestions or requests.  

"Have anything to get stuff unstuck from claws?"
"This happens everytime I take 'em hunting!"

About United Raptor Owners.

         Before publish 16 I was quite content with my taming skill locked at 80 and a Nightmare to hunt with. That was the extent of  my taming in UO.  Then along comes the Nerf Stick weilded by a public-outcry driven OSI Dev team. I soon found myself with a totally useless Nightmare and 80 skill points. What to do. I seriously considered dropping taming altogether. I decided to decide later. In the mean time I decided to do a little research to find out exactly what DID change with publish 16. Turns out they didnt really make Tamers weaker after all. They just made them different. Personally, I like the changes. One of the changes that really caught my attention was "Pack Instinct". "Hated Enemy" was kinda cool too but never made it out with the publish. I started testing out the various pets that had pack instinct (ones that I could control with my measly 80 skill points). After all was said and done the Frenzied Ostards were my new pet of choice. I unlocked my taming and went to work building skills again. Once I was at GM lore I was able to actively seek out a pack of Frenzieds. I was so impressed with their performance I decided to find others that felt the same way and eventually formed OSY on the Pacific Shard.

OSY is about as loosely organized as one can get in a UO guild. It basically isn't. *chuckles* It is a very small guild with grand aspirations. The more the merrier I always say! Anyone with a sincere interest in Ostards of any sort are welcome to join. The only requirements are taming skills sufficient to handle Ostards and a willingness to play UO with other members. Members share information and help each other with skill training on both our Ostards and our Characters. I personally have nothing against helping someone out to build a brand new character to join the guild. It wouldnt be a first. If you are interested in joining feel free to contact me. Guild-hoppers will be fed to the packs.