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Conrad's United Raptor Owners
Screenshots and Stories Cont.
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Training Frenzied Ostards
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Screenshots and Stories
Screenshots and Stories Cont.


Ilshenar Cont.

After goofing around for awhile and exploring the whole place we decided to head back as some of us had other things to do. Same as we went there, we started running back to the dungeon entrance. This time there were other people there that had dragged the Slayers and a couple of Deamons to the intersection we had to turn at. I made it through but had just enough time to see Cynne take a "one-hit-kill" melee blow from the Slayer. Notorious looters them balrons. She managed to lead her now monochrome Frenzied to the entrance for a ress and some bandages getting slapped on it. Same thing has happened to me more times then I care to remember. Drazhar had decided to logout at the Blue Marble Temple. I hope he fairs better then we did. ?:D
Parting ways with Black Stagg we headed back to Cynnes house to get her restocked. We then headed to the Blood dungeon and managed to tame her some Hellkitties. Seems the detour was the excitement of the day! 

"Cynne decides which pets get the axe"
"We even got lucky and tamed a Leader!"
"Ever wondered how this is possible?"

This isn't him, but a freind of mine got his account back during Beta. He played for a month then let his account go inactive. Years later I convinced him to reactivate it and play some. He logged into Pacific with 6 vet choices all of which he got ethereals with. Instantly wealthy! But the funny thing is that he was "young" until he got skills up to 200. This guy was probably in the same situation.

"Nature's Gift and Gwynn torment the bunnies..."
"..don't seem fast when they are pack hunted"

For those of you that haven't tried it, vorpal bunnies don't stand a chance against frenzieds. The pack is just as fast as the bunnies so they never have a chance of getting away unless you can't target them fast enough. Fun though!

"I meet our Swamp Dragon counterparts to OSY"
"The Dragon Knights of Pacific!"

These guys stopped me dead in my tracks. By far the largest group of Swampies I have ever seen. Turns out the guild is a sort of "Pack guild" like OSY but they use swamp dragons instead. They don't get a pack instinct bonus but the neat thing is that the members don't have to use taming or lore skills. As you can see the member in front of me is a warrior. Good thinking guys and good luck with ya hunts!

OSY gets revenge on Gustave the Pathetic.......
As I was saying.......Someone in the guild noticed that the same ostard that I had given to Gustav (see story on news page for Nov.) was taking it easy down at the far end of the bank. Upon arriving from my long journey from the far end of the bank, I was delighted to see that indeed it is Banisher. The very same ostard that Gustav joined OSY to obtain from me under false pretenses. And no Gustav in sight.
I instantly began entertaining thoughts of various means to do it in. Then I realized that it was "somewhat content" !!! OSY's chance for revenge!. I want to personally thank all the members of OSY and non-members alike for attending the vigil whilst we all waited for it to go wild.
And it did.
I was afraid that it would be instantly guard-whacked. Fortune smiled upon me that night. As it turns out, since I was the original tamer of the beast, I had a 100% chance of successfully taming it again.
But I think it had grown to like Gustav for it instantly sprinted for the trees when it went wild. I chased it down as I attempted to tame it.
As it reached the trees I succeded!  

"Notice the red frenzied on the right?"
" I'll get to that in a bit....."

As soon as it was tamed It was transfered to Gwyn as she had expressed a desire to own the fine ostard. I was glad to see it in the hands of anyone but Gustav at that point. It was a fine thing to finally get back at Gus. I never thought it possible as he had already bonded with it.
Lord Pfloyd ended up with it after he made it known to Gwyn he was trying to build a pack of gold ostards. He not only has a fine pack now, he has one with a very interesting history.
Again, thanks to all that helped with the boredom of waiting for it to go wild. ?:D
So what about the red frenzied on the right?
As it turns out, Chantel, the other person that tried to join OSY under false pretences the very same day Gustav did, owned that red ostard. She had shown up at the swap meet and was asking the rediculous price of 300k for it ( it was only 153 str.). She then disappeared without a trace.


I waited until about 2am for it to go wild. It was on the last stage when I decided to knock off for the night. I am quite sure it went wild before the server went down.
Funny how things like that work,eh?
They both screwed OSY on the same day and both lost Ostards on the same day, one to me personally.  As for Gus........
That was WAY more fun then killing you! Justice is served! May your disconnects be plentiful and lengthy!

All screenshots by Conrad taken with UOScreenshot Utility