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Ostard Spawn Map

This map was the result of some impromptu research I did on the spawning habits of ostards. I have yet to actually catch them in the act of mating. They seem to just appear. ?:D

Map information

This map is a HUGE file. It had to remain as big as it is to retain the detail of the UO map file. Some of the routes on the map go through tiny passages in cliffs and are hard to see if not impossible when the resolution is decreased. Sorry folks. Not much I could do about it. At least not that I know of.

It is in basic JPEG format.The map file was copy and pasted from a UOAutomap generated UO file. I then added to it and did a bit of cleaning up of the file.  

Just download the map to view it at your leisure then go to the following page for a full explanation of the map and all the information contained on it.

Download the Map!


This is approx. a 3.2MB file. If you suspect your local powergrid is about to implode wait until later to download it. Just kidding. Just give it a bit of time. Patience is a virtue. At least in the real world, I am told.

Dude! I can't see crap on this map!
Download the Map above Dummy! (or click this pic)